Make a PACT: Parent/Adult Child Travel

When your child becomes an adult, you realize how quickly time goes by. Quality time is more than spending the holidays together or going out for lunch! Embarking on a meaningful travel adventure together can be life-changing! When Baby Boomers and Millennials share experiences in new and different places, amazing things can happen.

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Meet Bethany Bronstein

On the Relations Ship, Bethany is just trying to keep her head above water.  After her "perfect" life proved not to be, she set out on her own to live the in town lifestyle and her girlfriends became her life preservers. Until a tsunami of events once again changed everything...

Looking for real stories to weave into this novel in progress.


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The Long & Short of It

Long marriage or multiple divorces, single by choice or dating online, the 50+ world is still trying to figure out love and relationships.   Settle for comfortable over excitement? Or trade one set of problems for another? Was Erma Bombeck right? (Google her if you're under 50): "the grass is always greener over the septic tank."

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Ship to Shoer

So what makes me qualified to stand at the helm of the Relations Ship?  I guess it's nothing more than a lifelong interest in how people relate to one another, a curiosity about how romantic love evolves over time and a belief that "people who need people, are the luckiest people in the world."

Still, I'm not a therapist or a coach and certainly not the perfect friend, wife and mother. But I have been told that I'm "a good listener" and on more than one occasion, strangers have confided in me, on an airplane or striking up a conversation in a coffee shop.

So I invite anyone to come aboard the Relations Ship and share their thoughts, experiences and disappointments and dreams.  We all have them.  And maybe by sharing them, we can all learn something and help each other chart a course to interpersonal joyfulness!


Susan Heller Shoer

Next Steps...

Book your passage on The Relations Ship and share your most inspiring, crazy, happy or heartbreaking experiences with your fellow passengers as we all look to the horizon together!